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90m head длиннееaxis vertical drain pump

  • Vertical Pump Ranges - Sulzer

    SJT Vertical Turbine Pumps SJM Vertical Mixed Flow Pumps The SJT vertical turbine range offers incredible flexibility and low NPSH Net Positive Suc- tion Head systems The pump is used for raw water supply in municipal applications drainage flood control and power plant cooling water circulation Operating Data

  • SJD CEP Vertical Multistage Can Pump for Condensate - Sulzer

    Sulzer SJD CEP pumps are specified wherever limited Net Positive Suction Head NPSH is available either due to system constraints or liquids operating near their vapor pressure Typical uses include high temperature condensate extraction and heater drain pumps in Thermal power plants Nuclear power plants

  • SJD CEP vertical multistage can pump for condensate extraction

    Mar 28 2017 Condensate extraction and heater drain pumps in thermal power plants nuclear power plants industrial power plants Concentrated Solar Power CSP plants Main design features Single suction high Net Suction Specific Speed NSS or double suction low NSS impellers provide high head for first

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